InterSystems to Launch Cache 5 Database

September 17, 2002

Sept. 23rd, InterSystems will ship Cache 5, a new version of its "post-relational" database that provides web services support and real-time analytics. Top features in this release include transactional bit-map indexing, which allows data analytics to be executed directly within the database. Another new feature in this release is the product's support for web services without the use of separate application server. All of the database's object methods or stored procedures can be exposed as a Web service using SOAP and WSDL support.

The company is marketing the Cache 5 database as "the post-relational database for e-applications...optimized for the tougher demands of Web applications. Cachi's ultra-fast SQL outperforms relational systems 20X....its multidimensional application and data server delivers lightning-fast performance."

The Cache 5 database retails for $200 for a single user and $1,000 for a multiuser configuration. Supported platforms include Linux, Unix, Windows, and HP Open VMS.

For more info, visit the InterSystems web site.