Heroix Announces eQ Management Suite v1.5

September 23, 2002

9.23.02.  Heroix Corporation, a leading provider of application performance management software, today announced that it has delivered enhanced components and new functionality for its Heroix eQ Management Suite. Heroix eQ, a performance monitoring product that enables companies to increase the availability and improve the performance of applications, databases, servers, and networks, now includes advanced Active Directory monitoring, expanded database reporting and graphing capabilities, additional views of events for quicker problem isolation, increased auto-configuration for smoother deployment, enhanced Linux and Unix security, and support for OpenVMS platforms.

Heroix eQ Management Suite 1.5 is available immediately. Pricing begins at $695 USD.

Key Heroix eQ 1.5 features include:

  • Enhanced Active Directory monitoring - Heroix eQ's Active Directory monitoring offers new sensors that detect problems with authentication, replication, and connectivity.

  • Additional Graphing and Reporting Capabilities - Added Oracle reports and graphs provide DBAs and IT managers with diagnostic, planning, and service level compliance information on such areas as memory usage and efficiency, tablespace usage, extent allocation, and more.

  • Enhanced Problem Isolation - A new view in the Heroix eQ Web-Based Event Monitor presents only those machines with critical problems, helping IT staff readily identify machines that require attention.

  • Increased Security - On Unix and Linux, Heroix eQ's privileges can now be defined on a per-server basis, which may be desired, or even required, in larger organizations.

  • Simpler Installation - Heroix eQ checks additional configuration settings at startup. For example, on an Exchange server, the software makes sure that a profile has been created for Heroix eQ's use. This catches configuration issues for quick resolution and speeds deployment across the enterprise.

  • New Platform Support - Heroix eQ 1.5 supports OpenVMS on both VAX and Alpha platforms. Built-in solutions monitor the OpenVMS operating system itself, VMS-supported Oracle databases, and service level agreement compliance.

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