Informix Roadshow 2002

September 30, 2002

The company name may change, but the technology continues. IBM continues to deliver new developments within the Informix family, as well as new service packages and new ways to integrate leading edge technology into your applications. To help keep you informed of current and future plans for Informix, IBM will be hosting a series of road shows called "Informix Roadshow 2002" that will make stops across Europe, the Middle East and South Africa.

Informix roadshow 2002 will be touching down at over 30 cities in over 20 countries and will be delivering key messages to over 1000 customers, business partners and end users. There will be a variety of guest speakers from all over the world presenting IBM's plans for the Informix product range now, and in the future. These senior executives include Don Top (IBM Informix Loyalty Officer), Barbara Stanley (EMEA OLTP Sales Executive) and Brian Staff (Director of Solutions Marketing).

Current dates and locations include:

Johannesburg, October 01, 2002
Cape Town - October 03, 2002
Copenhagen - October 08, 2002
Oslo - October 11, 2002

Additional information (and a seminar agenda) is available at http://www-914.ibm.com/events/infobahn/infobahn.nsf.