MySQL for Windows 4.0 Beta 4 Now Available

October 10, 2002

Long promised by MySQL AB and long awaited by users, MySQL 4.0 is now available in beta version for download from http://www.mysql.com.

The main new features of MySQL 4.0 are geared towards existing business and community users, enhancing MySQL as a solution for mission-critical, heavy-load database systems. Other new features target the users of embedded databases.

MySQL 4.0 supports secure traffic between the client and the server, greatly increasing security against malicious intrusion and unauthorised access. The table handler InnoDB is now offered as a feature of the standard MySQL server, including full support for transactions, row-level locking and foreign key constraints. Additionally, multi-table DELETE statements and symbolic linking to MyISAM on the table level are supported in MySQL 4.0.

Features to simplify migration from other database systems to MySQL include support for TRUNCATE TABLE (as in Oracle) and IDENTITY as a synonym for automatically incremented keys (like in Sybase). Many users will also be happy to learn that MySQL now supports the UNION statement, a long awaited standard SQL feature.

MySQL 4.0 also further increases the speed of MySQL in a number of areas, such as bulk INSERTs, searching on packed indices, creation of FULLTEXT indices as well as COUNT(DISTINCT).

A complete list of new additions in v4.0 can be found at http://www.mysql.com/products/mysql-4.0/index.html.

A list of bug fixes in the latest beta release can be accessed at http://www.mysql.com/doc/N/e/News-4.0.x.html.

Finally, additional information for MySQL 4.0 (as well as download links) is available at http://www.mysql.com/.

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