Why Oracle and Linux - The Importance of Being Linux

October 16, 2002

[From The Oracle Technology Network]

Oracle has long been a strong advocate for Linux. Oracle released the first commercially available database for the Linux platform back in 1999 and has continued in a lead role to enhance Linux to meet the requirements of enterprises, specifically in the areas of availability and scalability.

Most recently, Oracle published a series of libraries and toolkits for Linux that dramatically improve Linux clustering and give developers new features for working with Linux and the file system. These new tools greatly increase the practicality and commercial usefulness of Linux. In addition, Oracle now offers technical support to customers who deploy Oracle9i on Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1.

In addition to discussing the details of these new features and support, author Ken Jacobs examines some fundamental questions, such as "Why Linux?" and more pointedly, "Why Oracle and Linux?" After all, Oracle has decades of experience with every major (and most minor) commercially available operating system, so why invest so much effort in supporting an open-source operating system?

The complete article is available at http://otn.oracle.com/oramag/oracle/02-nov/o62dba.html.

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