SPROC Function Builder Released

October 24, 2002

Clickcess Limited has released a new utility for database developers needing to access SQL Server stored procedures from code.

SPROC Function Builder is a handy tool for writing code to access SQL Server stored procedures (SPROCs). The program is not limited to any specific language, so you can write your code in ASP, VB, .NET or pretty much any other language.

SPROC Function Builder uses an easy to learn template syntax that is also available from the right click menu of the editing screen (includes syntax highlighting). The app uses configurable data type conversions (XML format) files that can convert the native SQL data types to an in-code data type format of your choice. Several pre-defined templates are included.

A free trial download of SPROC Function Builder is available at http://www.clickcess.com/sprocfunc.aspx.

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