XML Wrapper Generator for IBM DB2

October 25, 2002

The XML Wrapper Generator is a graphical tool that enables rapid and automatic integration of XML data sources into a DB2 database using the XML Wrapper. This tool loads XML schema files, "shreds" them to a relational schema, and generates appropriate NICKNAME and VIEW statements.

The XML Wrapper Generator is a stand-alone Java application with a graphical interface. Upon loading an XML schema, the tree structure of this schema can be seen. At the push of a button, the schema is transformed to a set of tables, seen as a second tree-like structure. Arrows pointing from elements of the XML schema to elements of the relational schema show which parts of the XML schema were transformed to which parts of the relational schema. At this point, this relational schema can be modified by adding and removing attributes and tables, by changing data types, etc.

Once a satisfactory result is obtained, the XML Wrapper Generator automatically generates data definiton statements for DB2. These CREATE NICKNAME and CREATE VIEW statements can be excuted in DB2 and thereafter allow users to pose standard SQL queries against any kind of XML document that conforms to the original XML schema.

Additional information and a free trial download of the XML Wrapper Generator is available at http://www.alphaWorks.ibm.com/tech/wrappergenerator?open&l=TS102402,t=awfl.

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