Daffodil DB Java-based Relational Database Engine Released

October 25, 2002

[From Builder.com]

Daffodil DB is a SQL 99 specification-compliant, capable, reliable, scalable, high-performance, embeddable, and lightweight Java-based relational database engine (RDBMS). It supports almost all constructs of SQL 99 (including triggers, views, constraints, UDT, stored procedures, etc.), supports distributed transactions (XA), provides a complete JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) 3.0 driver (including support for optional features like save points, rowsets, UDT, XA, connection pooling, etc.) and can run in embedded or server mode.

Daffodil DB can be included as a JAR file in any Java application. Daffodil DB also includes Daffodil DB Browser, a GUI-based database management tool, which can be used to carry out all database operations such as creating a database, creating database objects, executing SQL statements, manipulating data, browsing database objects, etc.

Daffodil DB provides the following unique features:

  • ResultSet Listener Support - Unique concept of ResultSet Listeners support allows automatic updating of ResultSet or RecordSets that are updated according to the isolation level if underlying database tables are changed, without requiring the Listener to execute the query again.

  • Serialized Session - Daffodil DB has a unique concept of serialized sessions. This concept of Serializable Sessions applies serialization to a user session comprised of one or more transactions, just like transaction isolation level of "Serializable" applies serializability to one particular transaction while maintaining efficiency.

  • Materialized View - Materialized view maintains user-defined views from other database objects in a storable manner. Hence, when queries on views are fired, views are not recalculated as they are already maintained by the database separately, thus simplifying and speeding up things.
Daffodil DB runs on any platform with a certified Java Virtual Machine and has been tested on all Windows and Linux Operating Systems. An evaluation download is available at http://daffodilwoods.com/products/Daffodil_DB/evaluation.asp.

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