Oracle Prices 9i RAC Clusters To Move

October 31, 2002

[From ChannelWEB]

In an aggressive move, Oracle has cut prices on Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters 50% until the end of November. The promotion is touted on Oracle's Web site and refers interested parties to an 800 number.

At the Oracle 9i database launch in June 2001, the company switched to the widely accepted per-processor pricing model, charging $40,000 per CPU for the enterprise database plus an additional $20,000 per CPU for Real Application Clustering (RAC) capabilities.

While competitors were quick to characterize this as a fire sale with Oracle reacting to price pressure from Microsoft SQL Server and IBM's DB2, others said the promotion is proactive.

In other news, IBM is prepping a new version of DB2 to ship in late November, just after Oracle's planned Openworld conference.

The complete article is available at http://crn.channelsupersearch.com/news/crn/37815.asp.

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