InfoCyclone Aims to Boost Database Performance

November 13, 2002

[From eWeek]

Israeli database accelerator startup InfoCyclone Ltd. at this week's Oracle World conference in San Francisco will show off its flagship appliance designed to help enterprises boost database performance without having to pay for costly server upgrades.

The InfoCyclone acceleration appliance, installed between the application servers and database servers, monitors and analyzes SQL query traffic, identifies the most problematic queries and then executes those queries in its faster, read-only database engine.

The database accelerator is intended to automatically offload read-only query processing from the main database, providing a more efficient mechanism to execute such queries. The benefit for IT is that it can obviate the need for expensive hardware upgrades or fine-tuning of databases when performance degrades and thus affect business performance, according to Haim Kopans, executive vice president of product management and technology at InfoCyclone Ltd. in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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