Cloning DB2 Databases Using Redirected Restore

November 14, 2002

[From IBM.com]

Ever wanted to clone your database for testing? This article from IBM.com offers the basics of cloning a DB2 database for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Operating Systems.

A database restore operation uses a database backup image to recreate a database. If you want to clone a database from one machine to another, the simplest way is to restore the database from a backup image. The file system paths used by the database are also contained within the backup image. Therefore, unless the file systems and the physical devices that are referenced by the database on the source system are set up exactly the same way on the target system, you will need to perform a redirected restore operation.

Tip: With DB2 Version 8, you can take a backup from any big-endian server and restore it to any other big-endian server. For example, you can restore a backup image from DB2 for HP-UX to DB2 for AIX. or Sun Solaris. This does not apply to Windows and Linux, however.

This article continues at http://www7b.software.ibm.com/dmdd/library/techarticle/0211melnyk/0211melnyk.html?t=gr,lnxw10=DBclones.

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