Etagon Launches Database Standard for Oracle Cluster Architecture

November 15, 2002

[From Globes [online]]

Rony Zarom, founder and current CEO of Israeli start-up Etagon, launched Origon 5000, his company's database standard, at the OracleWorld 2002 exhibition in San Francisco. Origon 5000, the first standard to operate on Oracle 9i cluster architecture, simplifies the installation and management of databases in an enterprise operating with cluster architecture. Zarom is a former Comverse senior executive and eXalink CEO.

Etagon's solution is designed for cluster technology applications, with a few inexpensive computers linked together and operating simultaneously in order to provide the computing power of a single expensive server. The solution, which is particularly useful for critical heavy applications, such as databases, constitutes a significant breakthrough, since it saves a great deal of money. In addition to saving tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars on a server, the solution also saves on expensive personnel, and on installing and maintaining databases.

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