Next Oracle Release to Offer Clustering on Sun, HP, and IBM Unix Systems

November 19, 2002

[From InternetWeek.com]

Oracle plans to upgrade its database next year with improvements in capacity and clustering, according to reports. The clustering functionality of Oracle Real Application Clusters, which detects when nodes are failing, will be extended to Unix systems from Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM. That functionality is now supported only on Windows and Linux.

Capacity will be improved to the petabyte range, for applications such as data warehousing and life sciences. The current capacity is hundreds of terabytes. Oracle will also improve the performance and capabilities of XML DB support, which allows the database to act as an XML store.

The next database version, currently referred to internally as Oracle 10i, is expected to ship in mid-2003.

The complete article is available at http://www.internetweek.com/breakingNews/INW20021115S0002.

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