Microsoft Eyes Enterprises with SQL Server Updates

November 22, 2002

[From InfoWorld]

Microsoft, with its upcoming "Yukon" and 64-bit "Liberty" variants of its SQL Server database, is looking to oust Unix as the platform of choice for the enterprise, a Microsoft official stressed during a keynote speech Wednesday at the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit conference.

The official, Gordon Mangione, corporate vice president of the Microsoft SQL Server team, also pledged that the company would continue supporting database versions for five years after release.

Mangione noted the 709,000 transactions per minute score reached by SQL Server on a cluster of systems, based on the Transaction Processing Performance Council benchmark. "In a short time, we'll start touching that on a single machine," he said.

Mangione reviewed multiple Microsoft projects, including "Yukon" and 64-bit "Liberty" database. A new beta release of Liberty, otherwise known as SQL Server 2000 (64-bit), was announced on Wednesday.

Due in a beta release in the first half of 2003, Yukon is to be released in both 32- and 64-bit versions. It will enable Web services calls to be made from within the database, which becomes a native Web services host. Native XML support also is featured, including user-defined types and support of the XQuery query language. Also planned is support for Microsoft's Common Language Runtime, which provides language independence for developers. In addition, improvements are planned for SQL Server's T-SQL (Transact SQL) query language, such as structured exception handling.

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