"Beginning PHP4 Databases" by Wrox Press

November 25, 2002

Wrox Press recently released Beginning PHP 4 Databases for experienced PHP readers who have little knowledge of databases (almost Zero Database Quotient). The book is designed to teach the reader how to build robust database-driven PHP web applications. Further, the book is designed to serve as a 'getting-the reader-ready' for PHP5 guide, which will have strong OO and PEAR DB focus. The book also teaches the beginning PHP DB developer the best practices to be adopted when getting into active development. After reading the book, developers will be fluent in database systems and how to take advantage of them in PHP applications.

The book covers:

  • PHP review which focuses on the Object-Oriented programming with PHP
  • An introduction to database systems and the types of DBMS
  • Understanding relational databases in detail
  • The Structured Query Language and its implementations in data manipulation and retrieval
  • Consistency handling and checks in PHP applications
  • Stored Procedures and Cursors
  • PHP and relational databases
  • Discussion on using PEAR::DB

Additional information (including a Table of Contents and sample chapters) is available at http://www.wrox.com/books/1861007825.htm.

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