Oracle Likely to Take AMD Hammer Route

November 26, 2002

[From the inquirer]

Sources within AMD claim it's not only IBM that's developing 64-bit software for its up-and-coming Opteron platform, but Oracle too. If the sources accounts are correct, that's a huge boost for AMD. Last week AMD confirmed that IBM, with its DB2 database, was one of its partners.

And the same sources are optimistic about AMD winning deals with both Sun Microsystems and the Dell Corporation. High powered sales people are visiting Sun on a regular basis, and there's a lot of interest in the Opteron, as we reported here some months ago. Sun, apparently, is most interested in the kind of operations that Hypertransport can allow between the AMD 64-bit CPUs.

The article continues at http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=6406.

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