MSDN Webcast: OLAP for Developers Using SQL Server 2000 Analysis Service

December 2, 2002

Live Event: December 2, 2002 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm Pacific Time / 4:00pm Eastern Time.

SQL Server 2000 has many new features for developers using OLAP (online analytical processing). OLAP databases are different than relational databases, so you execute queries against SQL Server 7 OLAP Services using a language other than SQL, specifically MDX (Multi-Dimensional eXpression). In addition, ADO and ADO MD (Multi-dimension) are related but separate object models.

ADO MD provides objects for retrieving multidimensional data and viewing multidimensional schema metadata so this session will look at how to use ADO MD and MDX for detailed drill through of OLAP cubes. We'll see how to create analysis services for web applications and the use of actions to allow users to act on cells within the cube.

We'll also use ADO MD to query an OLAP cube and manipulate the result set and use the DRILLTHROUGH statement to access detail rows. This session will also examine the ADO MD architecture, including the PivotTable Service and OLE DB for OLAP as well as the ADO MD object model, specifically concentrating on the Cellset and Axes objects.

Additional information for this Webcast is available at http://www.microsoft.com/usa/webcasts/upcoming/1300.asp.

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