Open Source Databases Target Enterprises

December 4, 2002

[From eWeek]

Two open-source database developers are upgrading their respective software in an effort to make them more attractive to the enterprise.

Open-source database leader MySQL AB, of Uppsala, Sweden, this week will announce Version 4.0.5 of its namesake database with support for IBM's zSeries servers running the Linux and AIX operating systems.

While such support is already available elsewhere from individuals who took advantage of MySQL's open source code, the formal support will reassure conservative enterprise users who want to know that they have a professional service department to turn to for help if problems with the database arise, officials said.

Meanwhile, PostgreSQL Inc. last week rolled out PostgreSQL 7.3 with new features to appeal to enterprise users. New support for SQL schemata allows users to create objects in separate namespaces so that multiple people can have tables with the same names in a database.

"More and more enterprises will see PostgreSQL as a viable back end for their operation," said Kings-Lynne, in Perth, Australia.

The complete article is available at http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,3959,740837,00.asp.

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