IBM Provides a Mobile and Wireless Database and Synchronization Solution for AppForge MobileVB Enterprise Developers

December 5, 2002

[From AppForge.com]

Enterprise developers can now incorporate IBM's world-class database and synchronization support into their mobile and wireless applications. IBM utilized the AppForge Piedmont Framework to enrich its DB2 Everyplace offering with AppForge MobileVB, enabling millions of Visual Studio developers to create rich applications that run on more than ninety percent of the world's smart phones and PDAs.

The new services created by this integration are available on all platforms supported by MobileVB including devices based on PalmOS, PocketPC, and the SymbianOS operating system. Through MobileVB, Visual Studio programmers can leverage their Visual Studio and DB2 Everyplace relational skills to develop applications using a single code base, independent of the target mobile platform.

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