First Yukon Beta Set for Q1 2003

December 10, 2002

[From SQL Server Magazine]

Microsoft is prepping the first beta release of SQL Server 2003 (code-named Yukon) for release in February or March, and will use feedback from Beta 1 to determine the final release schedule. The long-awaited Yukon code-base will usher in a new era on Microsoft's software development roadmap, with the software being plumbed into various other projects, including the WinFS (Windows Future Storage) file system in the next Windows version (Longhorn) and the data store for a future Exchange release called Kodiak.

Before Yukon is finalized, however, Microsoft will ship the final version of SQL Server 2000 64-bit Edition, code-named Liberty. Currently, the software giant plans to finalize this project in time for the April 2003 release of Win.NET Server, which includes various 64-bit editions.

The complete article is available at http://www.sqlmag.com/Articles/Index.cfm?ArticleID=27529.

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