MS Access: Missing Piece in Your Database Solution?

December 10, 2002

[From ZDNet Australia]

Recently, a colleague asked for help when her company's IT department decided to stop supporting her department's LAN and announced that all department-level databases would be moved to the company-wide network. Unfortunately, many of her department-level applications were in Microsoft Access, and IT refused to allow them on the network.

The department was forced to reallocate funds toward rewriting existing -- and working -- Access applications in SQL Server, a measure that resulted in personnel layoffs in the department. Sadly, my friend's dilemma isn't the unique situation that it might seem. IT personnel often reject Access because they don't consider Access a "real" database.

Access fills a niche and can actually be an asset -- if you know how and when to use it. Access, when used correctly, provides an excellent alternative to the larger database systems. IT personnel (and even freelancers) who are concerned with providing the best and most efficient solutions should give Access a serious look. Access can help you meet your company's development needs and budget. Here's a look at why Access belongs on your list of "real" solutions.

The article continues at http://www.zdnet.com.au/newstech/enterprise/story/0,2000025001,20270525,00.htm.

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