Best Practices to Enhance your SQL Server Applications

December 12, 2002

[From Builder.com]

If you are developing a database application with SQL Server, you must take time to learn how SQL Server works (especially SQL-DMO and DTS). There are a lot of different techniques and solutions available and there is a lot of discussion about best practices. These practices look good on paper, but how to implement them or design them is often unclear. The hard work of getting the database server designed and implemented correctly will pay off in the future, so let's take a look at a few best practices for your SQL Server environment to set you on the right track.

Using SQL Server views is a good idea, but there are still some serious drawbacks. For the most part, they are slower than inline SQL Statements. But if you have an enterprise version of SQL Server 2000, you can add indexes to greatly improve view performance. However, the more common standard version of SQL Server 2000 doesn't support indexed views. If performance is not an issue, though, views are a good way to aggregate data and control permissions. But SQL Server must retrieve the view definition and compile it for every call.

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