TeraText Debuts Database on HP Linux Server

December 12, 2002

[From The Web Host Industry Review]

Computer equipment manufacturer HP (HP.com) and Science Application International Corporation division TeraText Solutions (TeraText.com) recently announced that the TeraText Database System has been ported to HP servers running Linux using Intel Itanium processors.

TeraText DBS is a combination of a high-performance text database and search engine that provides functions for storing, indexing, retrieving and delivering documents or XML-based records across an organization. The platform is unique in managing large text-based collections due to its ability to support multi-terabyte document collections.

"The planned introduction of TeraText DBS on HP Itanium-based servers running Linux points to new possibilities in providing cost-effective, high-bandwidth solutions for multi-terabyte document collections," said Laura Larson, strategic opportunity manager, HP Federal Division. "HP servers improve price and performance in enterprise Linux and Windows environments and provide government customers with a cost-effective entry into a technology with good growth potential."

The complete article is available at http://thewhir.com/marketwatch/ter121002.cfm.

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