Tech Giants Prep High-powered Databases

December 13, 2002

[From News.com]

IBM, Oracle and Microsoft are readying supercharged versions of their databases to take advantage of new high-end hardware--but analysts say sheer processing muscle may not be enough to spur demand.

Oracle says it will be the first out of the gate when it ships later this month a 64-bit version of its flagship Oracle 9i database optimized for Intel's Itanium 2 on HP-UX, Hewlett-Packard's version of the Unix operating system. Versions for Linux and Windows on Itanium 2 are slated for early next year.

In April next year, Microsoft will match Oracle with a 64-bit version of its SQL Server 2000 for Itanium 2 when the company ships its first 64-bit operating system, Windows .Net Server 2003.

For its part, IBM is readying for April of next year a 64-bit version of its DB2 8.1 database for Windows .Net Server and Linux.

The 64-bit versions of these databases could be a real bargain for companies that need the additional horsepower. Database makers said the cost will be the same as the existing 32-bit versions.

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