MySQL Releases Database Upgrade with Major Security, Stability Enhancements

December 20, 2002

MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, yesterday announced that a new upgrade release of the MySQL(TM) database is now available. This release, MySQL Version 3.23.54, includes significant enhancements to database security and stability that resolve issues reported to the company last week, as well as other bug fixes.

As an open source database, the MySQL software code is constantly evaluated and tested by the large MySQL user community. As a result, MySQL AB releases regular database upgrades that fix all known bugs, enhance overall performance, and ensure that the MySQL developer community always has the most up-to-date and stable version of the database.

"One of the big benefits of being open source is that our code is battle-tested by the over 4 million MySQL users, which results in very stable software," said Merten Mickos, MySQL CEO. "We are able to respond very quickly to any kind of bug report - often making source code fixes available within 24 hours. We encourage MySQL developers to always use the latest version of the MySQL database."

MySQL Version 3.23.54 is an upgrade to the current stable version of MySQL, Version 3.23, and it is now available in source and binary form from the MySQL download pages at http://www.mysql.com/downloads/ and mirror sites. All users of MySQL 3.23 are advised to upgrade to version 3.23.54. MySQL Version 4.0.6, which also addresses the recent security issues, will be released by the end of this week. Version 4.0.6 has been declared "gamma," which means it is ready for production use, and MySQL AB is encouraging developers to consider switching to 4.0 now.

The complete press release is available at http://www.mysql.com/press/release_2002_17.html.

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