SQL Server Security Distilled

December 30, 2002

[From vyaskn.tripod.com]

There are not many books out there that deal with SQL Server security. Fortunately, Curlingstone recently published this book, which is entirely dedicated to SQL Server security.

Securing SQL Server is one of the most important responsibilities of the SQL Server professional. Ensuring your data is safe requires a combination of good systems and database administration, and intelligent application design - weaving a security plan that matches the capabilities and vulnerabilities of each contributing part.

At last!!! Yes, at last, we have a book dedicated to SQL Server security. It's been a long due, and finally Morris Lewis filled the gap by coming up with this new book "SQL Server Security Distilled", which purely focuses on all things SQL Server security. Thanks to Curlingstone Publishing, I had a chance to review this book.

It is a very concise, yet comprehensive book on SQL Server security (hardly 300 pages). Good thing about this book is, it covers SQL Server security in all three major versions of SQL Server, that can be found in production environments, SQL Server 6.5, 7.0 and 2000. Very nice to see SQL Server security guru like Chip Andrews on the list of technical reviewers of this book.

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