Alpha Software tool helps mail-merge PDF files

December 30, 2002

[From InfoWorld]

A NEW PLUG-IN released Monday will allow users of Alpha Software Inc.'s Alpha Five Version 5 application and database development tool to streamline the process of sending out PDF (Portable Document Format) documents in bulk e-mails, a company executive said.

Alpha Five Version 5, the latest version of the company's Alpha product, was released in September after a three year development effort. It is designed to compete against database software for Windows, including Microsoft Corp.'s Access and Filemaker Inc.'s database product, Rabins said.

When implemented, the new plug-in will allow customers to merge PDF documents such as reports or invoices into a bulk electronic mailing using information pulled from the Alpha Five database and the product's built in e-mail merge feature.

The new focus on plug-ins is a way for Alpha to add functionality to its database, making the product more attractive to both end users and application developers, Rabins said.

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