Open-source Pick-like database being developed

January 6, 2003

[From InfoWorld]

Developers with an outfit called the MaVerick Maintenance Team are building an open-source version of a Pick-like MultiValue database, with the project founder saying this data management format remains superior to SQL databases that have succeeded it.

Still under development but available in preliminary form, MaVerick is licensing the open-source offering, also called MaVerick, via a Library GPL agreement, said project founder Anthony Youngman, in London. The Library GPL stipulation means developers would only be required to make MaVerick source code changes available to the public domain, and not any applications they build on top of MaVerick, Youngman said. A general release of the database is anticipated in approximately a year.

MaVerick is built on Java and will run on top of any Java Virtual Machine, according to Youngman. He added he would like to get it to run on the C language as well.

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