Oracle: No word on software support

January 7, 2003

[From ZDNet]

Oracle intends to focus on its latest software at its upcoming AppsWorld conference, but many customers are hoping the database giant will spend some time explaining its plans for supporting an aging product.

Oracle plans to discontinue technical support and maintenance in June for version 10.7 of its business applications, a set of software programs that can touch nearly every corner of a company's operations, from order taking and inventory to bookkeeping and human resources.

Software companies routinely discontinue support for old products, requiring clients to upgrade or go without support. And Oracle has defended its decision by noting it has supported 10.7 for seven years, far longer than most other companies support their software.

On behalf of the potentially hundreds of companies that don't migrate to 11i before Oracle pulls the plug on 10.7 support, the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) is lobbying Oracle to keep up basic service for the older version, such as making online documentation and bug patches available for another year or two. The group is an independent association of Oracle applications customers with more than 2,000 members.

Members of the group also plan to provide technical support for each other until they move to 11i on their own time frame, not the one mandated by Oracle.

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