DbNetGrid 2.5 released

January 8, 2003

[From DbNetLink Limited]

DbNetLink has released version 2.5 of its database driven ASP/ASP.NET grid component DbNetGrid. New features in this release include the ability to re-organise/remove columns using drag and drop, presentation of hierarchical data views using grid nesting and data-only columns.A free fully functional download is available from the web site.

DbNetGrid is a fully encapsulated HTML grid component designed for use in Intranet and Internet development. It has been designed as fast and flexible way of presenting and updating database information in a browser environment. DbNetGrid has been designed to fully exploit the features of the IE5+ family of browsers.

DbNetGrid can be used as simple grid component integrated with your own applications, a web-reporting tool or as a fully functional web-application.

The article continues at http://www.dbnetgrid.com