UniPress Adds MySQL Database Support to FootPrints Help Desk Software, Delivering a Powerful Platform to Improve Speed and Performance

January 10, 2003

[From PRNewswire]

UniPress Software, Inc., a leading provider of web-based help desk and support automation software, today announced that its FootPrints(R) help desk software now supports the MySQL(TM) database for both Linux(TM) and Sun(R) Solaris(TM) platforms. Extending its portfolio of databases to meet the growing help desk and support needs of today's mid-sized companies and enterprise organizations, FootPrints' support for MySQL provides a flexible and reliable platform that fully complements the web-based features and functionality of FootPrints.

The MySQL database is designed to maximize speed and reliability, without the high prices of other relational databases. Its robust architecture makes it extremely fast and easy to customize. MySQL is architected for the web and includes key features necessary for business-critical applications, such as support for transactions and row-level locking. It handles extremely large datasets and supports many programming languages and most platforms.

In addition to MySQL, FootPrints supports a range of databases including Oracle, Microsoft(R) Access, and Microsoft SQL Server.

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