Compuware DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Oracle provides stable development platform

January 22, 2003

[From ITWeb]

[Johannesburg, 22 January 2003] - Compuware has released the industry's only development suite that enables developers to debug and tune PL/SQL in context to an application, giving developers a clear understanding of what the application is executing on the database.

DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Oracle takes advantage of Oracle's power by providing an inside look at the SQL statements exchanged between an application and the database, making it easy for developers to debug, profile and tune applications for improved performance and time to market.

The suite also features enhanced functionality such as a procedure performance profiler which provides an in-depth look at stored procedure performance, allowing developers to quickly pinpoint which PL/SQL stored programs are causing problems.

The suite offers a powerful interface, allowing developers to customise the debugger to meet their specific debugging requirements. Toolbar buttons may be added to permit easy, one-button access to frequently asked tasks, therefore, simplifying debugging and development workflow.

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