Interview with Chris Kempster, the author of "SQL Server 2000 for the Oracle DBA"

January 23, 2003

[From vyaskn.tripod.com]

Chris Kempster shares tips and best practices for migrating from Oracle to SQL Server.

Chris Kempster is the author of the new ebook "SQL Server 2000 for the Oracle DBA". He is currently working as a Senior DBA for ASG Pty Ltd in Perth, Western Australia. I had an opportunity to interview him recently. In this interview, Chris will point out best practices and provide advice for DBAs working with both SQL Server and Oracle.

A sample of the topics covered in the interview:
What are your top suggestions for DBAs shifting from Oracle world into SQL Server?
What are the most common mistakes made by developers and DBAs, while migrating from Oracle to SQL Server?
What is the best way for migrating Oracle databases and applications to SQL Server?
Would you go with either SQL Server or Oracle, solely based on a specific application type? If so, what type of applications would those be? If not, would you say, "both SQL Server and Oracle can handle any type of application"?

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