Electronic attack slows Internet

January 25, 2003

[From CNN]

Experts: 'SQL Slammer' worm doesn't cause serious damage

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A fast-moving computer worm snarled business and government computers Saturday, slowing some corporate systems to the point of inaccessibility, but Internet security experts said it does not appear to have done any serious damage.

The worm, dubbed "SQL Slammer," attacked via a vulnerability discovered six months ago on Microsoft servers, according to Oliver Friedrichs, a senior manager with Internet security firm Symantec. Microsoft offered a free patch at the time to fix the trouble spot, but not all users of the server installed the patch.

Friedrichs said the SQL worm "breaks into the server and tries to spread."

"It really generates a lot of network traffic," he said. "It's really just going to slow down Internet performance."

The White House was notified about the attack immediately after its discovery early Saturday, said Tiffany Olson, a spokeswoman for the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board.

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