InterSystems Cach� database ported to Mac platform

January 28, 2003

[From ITWeb]

[Johannesburg, 28 January 2003] - InterSystems' high-performance Caché database will be available on the Mac OS X platform early in 2003. A favourite technology choice for developers building innovative transaction processing applications on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms, post-relational Caché features an advanced object database as well as robust SQL and multidimensional database engine.

"Caché is the database software professional developers select when they're creating new Web applications that push the curve for transaction processing performance and scalability - applications for which legacy relational databases simply can't deliver optimum results because of their static two-dimensional design."

Going far beyond the typically limited feature sets of database products currently available for Mac OS X, Caché provides the functionality needed for enterprise applications. This includes the performance and scalability critical to the success of volatile, time-sensitive Web transaction processing systems. Caché also provides advanced rapid application development functionality for the creation of highly complex applications within tight deadlines.

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