PointBase 4.5 Release

February 4, 2003

[From Sun]

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb 3, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PointBase., Inc., the leader in Java embedded database products for managing and synchronizing enterprise data across all platforms, today released version 4.5 of their award-winning product line. Recognizing that PointBase products are increasingly used in production-level environments, version 4.5 features provide additional stability and scalability benefits for Java application developers.

Noted for its transparency to end users, PointBase Embedded 4.5 offers true portability across all platforms, streamlined application deployment and integration, and automatic administration. Version 4.5 sports industrial-strength improvements in performance and stability, including new debugging features, connection pooling, B-tree optimization, and identity columns for clustered tables, as well as added support for AES encryption. In addition, PointBase 4.5 Embedded includes a Server Option to support distributed applications utilizing remote JDBC connections.

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