First Fruits of IBM's Xperanto Experiment

February 4, 2003

[From InternetNews]

Rallying on the finding by Dataquest that its business integration efforts represent a $10 billion market opportunity by 2006, IBM (Quote, Company Info) Tuesday revealed new data management software tailored to help customers integrate and analyze information across the enterprise.

DB2 Information Integrator and DB2 Information Integrator for Content were forged in the company's Xperanto research project, a research and development effort focused on tackling rapidly changing data management needs, said Nelson Mattos, director of information integration at IBM Data Management Solutions.

Ideal for customer relationship management (CRM), where call center operators pull together information about customers residing in multiple databases, DB2 Information Integrator software supports two different programming models. The DB2 Information Integrator is tailored to the SQL-based developer community; the DB2 Information Integrator for Content supports a content management programming model. With the products, financial services organizations can tie together in-house customer bank records with investment information from the Internet.

Mattos told internetnews.com IBM has taken a different path to data management for the database than rivals such as Microsoft and Oracle. While Oracle has been championing the idea of centralizing information in the database so users can pull data from one resource pool, IBM relies on a distributed, or federated, computing approach, where there are several databases managed by a single interface from which to grab information.

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