askSam 5.1 Improves Email Import and Adds Ability to Structure Imported Documents

February 19, 2003

[From askSam]

Perry, FL -- askSam Systems is now shipping version 5.1 of askSam, it's popular free-form database software. askSam lets you turn different types of information into full-text searchable databases. askSam can create databases from unstructured information such as email, resumes, legal texts, government regulations, research notes, and correspondence, as well as structured information such as spreadsheets and databases.

askSam 5.1 improves askSam's ability to easily create searchable archives of your email messages. askSam imports email from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, PocoMail, and IMAP email clients.

In version 5.1, askSam not only searches the text of your email messages, it can also search the text of attachments (including files from Word, WordPerfect, HTML, and Adobe Acrobat).

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