ADVIZOR Solutions(R) Introduces ADVIZOR(TM) 3.0 Data Visualization Software To Understand and Profit From Key Mission Critical Data

February 26, 2003

[From ADVIZOR Solutions]

CHICAGO, IL--February 26, 2003--ADVIZOR Solutions. today announced the launch of ADVIZOR 3.0. This new release provides (1) greater empowerment of the Business User through improved plug-and-play data visualization software tools, and (2) easier integration into existing applications through a new authoring edition and installation capabilities. ADVIZOR 3.0 provides an intuitive and highly powerful presentation of business data along with a query capability that enables business people to understand and take action on trends buried in their business data.

With the advent of large-scale data warehouses and the explosion of e-commerce, businesses now amass unprecedented amounts of data about their customers. While this new environment is data-rich, it is information-poor. Wading through huge data sets in an attempt to make sense of them can be labor-intensive and difficult.

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