MySQL Database Takes Open To Next Level

March 3, 2003

[From CRN]

In the past, open-source databases often lacked the technical support and services needed by solution providers. That's not the case anymore with MySQL Server.

The popularity of the product and the large developer community that has cropped up to work with it have made MySQL one of the most stable back-end databases on the market. On small projects with 50 or fewer user connections, MySQL's price/performance actually surpasses that of all of the top database vendors.

Most of the teaching material offered by MySQL's sponsor company, MySQL AB, is free. Background information on the product is now available from a number of dedicated Web sites, magazines and online tutorials, which offer more than enough material for most newcomers. All of the links can be accessed from the main site, located at www.mysql.com. All of the marketing material is free as well.

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