High availability in-memory database for mission critical apps

March 10, 2003

[From LinuxDevices]

(PR excerpt) -- McObject has released a fault-tolerant version of its in-memory database for intelligent devices running on Linux. Designed to power embedded systems that cannot afford to fail, eXtremeDB HA delivers the highest degree of reliability, along with its unsurpassed performance and ultra-small footprint.

Typically, existing fault-tolerance systems use replication schemes to create backup database copies. But replication entails latency from the moment a primary data store is updated, until these changes are propagated to the replica database. Such latency is often unacceptable in time-critical embedded systems. In addition, replication solutions limit the use of secondary databases for load-balancing, since a query might return different results from the primary and secondary databases.

McObject's eXtremeDB High Availability solves these limitations through an innovative architecture...

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