Oracle hangs on to database lead

March 11, 2003

[From CNET News.com ]

Oracle is clinging to the top spot in the multibillion-dollar database software market, despite mounting pressure from IBM and Microsoft, according to preliminary 2002 market share numbers released Monday.

Technology industry research firm IDC, which released the report, said that Oracle's market share from 2001 to 2002 dropped 5 percent to 39.4 percent overall. IBM and Microsoft appeared to be gaining ground on Oracle, growing by 9 percent and 15 percent, respectively, during 2002. That leaves IBM with 33.6 percent of 2002 share and Microsoft with 11.1 percent, according to IDC.

IDC said the top five relational database software companies, ranked according to revenue, are Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase, and NCR Teradata. Collectively, they represent nearly 90 percent of database software sales worldwide.

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