How to get an Oracle DBA job

April 10, 2003

[From SearchDatabase.com]

In just 48 hours, 120 resumes from Oracle DBAs landed on the desk of Debbie Reames, a senior technical recruiter for Los Angeles-based staffing company Commercial Programming Systems. So Reames did what a lot of recruiters do. She wiped out half the pile in a three-step process. Need an H-1B visa? Gone. Need to relocate? Not for this job. Only worked at small companies? This job might be too big for you.

Despite the steepest downturn in the history of IT, there are jobs to be had by Oracle certified professionals and DBAs, according to many surveys. Of course, there are also longer lists of qualified candidates. When it comes to searching for a job in this market, even the most experienced IT pros need to remember some of the rules they learned long ago and apply some new strategies as well.

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