SQL Server 64-bit undercuts RISC rivals

April 14, 2003

[From ZDNET]

The 64-bit version of Microsoft's database will be priced to undercut its RISC rivals, Oracle and DB/2

When Microsoft launches its 64-bit version of SQL Server at the end of this month, the database will cost the same as the 32-bit version, give much better performance, and be part of the company's bid to oust Oracle and IBM's DB/2 on high end systems.

SQL Server is widely regarded as suitable for smaller systems, while larger databases are the province of Oracle or DB/2 running on RISC systems. However, Microsoft has been quietly creeping up the rankings, and last month a pre-launch version of 64-bit SQL Server reached number 2 in the non-clustered TPC-C benchmark performance table running on an NEC Itanium 2 mainframe.

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