Vembu Releases Pl/SQL to Java Migration Tool

April 16, 2003

[From Vembu Technologies]

April 11, 2003 - Vembu Technologies, a startup company focusing on developing database tools to make enterprise applications leverage relational databases better, announced today the early access of its PL2JSQL, a PL/SQL to Java migration tool. PL2JSQL migration tool will help enterprises move their legacy client-server Oracle applications into a distributed web based multi-tier architecture.

Most developers agree that Oracle's PL/SQL programming language is not as advanced as the current generation object oriented languages like Java. Hence maintaining and enhancing PL/SQL based applications are not easy. PL/SQL is also not portable across databases as it is proprietary to Oracle. With enterprises moving their applications to Web Services based distributed architecture, it is better to have the flexibility of deploying business-logic either in the database tier or the middle-tier. Java offers such flexibility as most databases support running java inside the database. PL/SQL on the other hand cannot be deployed in the middle-tier and can only run as part of the database.

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