Oracle Plans Minimal, If Any, Response To 64-Bit SQL Server

April 23, 2003

[From CRN]

Microsoft may be pulling out all the stops for its 64-bit database Thursday, but if you ask Oracle, this is a non-event.

While Microsoft is scaling its database up for use on bigger iron--SMP boxes running the latest-generation 64-bit Itanium chips--Oracle appears to be heading in the opposite direction, placing more emphasis and resources on Linux running on standard two- and four-processor servers, parlaying its Real Application Clustering (RAC) on commodity hardware.

In a series of interviews with CRN Tuesday, one executive after another repeated that the company plans no direct response to Microsoft's 64-bit SQL challenge. Microsoft has positioned that database as proof that SQL Server is ready for the enterprise.

Oracle, along with virtually every other ISV, will announce support for Microsoft's new 64-bit Windows 2003 Server operating system, but as just one of its premier platforms. And over the past year, it has turned up the heat on its Linux efforts, forging joint support alliances with vendors Red Hat and UnitedLinux and touting the ability of its Linux database to satisfy even enterprise computing needs. Oracle on Linux is also a way for Oracle to better compete in midsize companies without a ton of IT resources because of Linux's apparent low cost of ownership.

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