Logical Apps Touts New Offering As Cure For Oracle Apps Problems

May 5, 2003

[From InformationWeek]

A company that says it's been profitable since its inception in 1999 launched a product line Monday in hopes of becoming more so. Logical Apps Inc. is touting its product as a cure for what ails the large installed base of Oracle financial and enterprise resource planning applications.

By using Logical Apps' AppsFlow offering, Oracle application users can build a business-rules layer above their apps that's integrated across them, says Chris Capdevila, founder and CEO. The business-rules layer is a way of changing application controls and output without changing the applications themselves, he says.

The larger problem for any vintage packaged software user--not just users of Oracle applications--is that customers have modified the software to suit their needs, then found they couldn't upgrade because of incompatibilities between their customized version and the vendor's new version. As an application ages, more changes are made until the IT department is investing more time keeping it running than in getting what the business needs out of it, says Capdevila, a former systems integrator.

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