Application Security Toughens Microsoft SQL Server

May 8, 2003

[From EnterprisesItPlanet]

Database administrators (DBAs) concerned about tenacious hackers now have a little more peace of mind, thanks to a unique approach taken by security software maker, Application Security.

Should a network attack circumvent firewalls or other security roadblocks, all is not lost. In such an instance, the only information gleaned from a database on a Microsoft SQL Server implementation outfitted with DbEncrypt would be gibberish.

DbEncryt for Microsoft SQL Server is the latest in the software provider's line of application security products for distributed database, application and web server environments.

The software is able to encrypt data at the storage level, securing it in real-time as it appears in the columns. The product also provides MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine) encryption, allowing developers to extend DbEncrpt's data protection to their desktop applications when using MSDE for custom enterprise-scale applications.

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