QlikView - A New Analysis Tool

May 13, 2003

[From Hammerman Associates, Inc.]

QlikView is a new OLAP (Online Analytic Processing) tool that allows users to "slice and dice" databases very quickly and with zero training. It is easy to create applications that include graphs and pictures as well as the traditional spreadsheet-type reports. The web version allows users to do the analysis with nothing but a browser. Best of all, the price is affordable!

If you are more concerned with the meaning hidden within your data than you are with the format, it is worth your time to investigate QlikView. There is a server-based application so that users can "slice and dice" through their web browser.

Go to our QlikView product page to learn more about this software. The page includes a five-minute tour. If you can't attend the seminar and would like an on-line demonstration, please call our office. We would be happy to help.

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