Improving Oracle Security

May 14, 2003

[From Enterprise Systems]

Logical Apps in Irvine, Calif., released AppsRules 4.0, a rules-driven, meta data-based engine that adds a separate, customizable security layer to Oracle databases. The engine can filter the records any particular user can see, audit all access and changes, and maintain a complete change history. In other words, organizations can selectively restrict access to database information or keep an eye on who changes it.

Normally, when organizations want to restrict access to sensitive information in enterprise databases (perhaps based on roles or departments or in a way so as to prevent users from updating or over-writing data), they need to custom code the alterations. Customizations can be time-intensive and costly. When the database gets upgraded, customizations also frequently break; the work needs to be redoneassuming IT has the available resources.

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